If you like the idea of writing your own vows <yay!!!> but don't know where to begin <help!!!> hopefully this will be useful!

First things first.. it's a lot easier if you think of 'promises' you would like to make to your lover, rather than 'vows'.

Also, I always recommend the two of you agree on an 'around about' length. It can be 8 lines each, or it can be 28 lines each. 100 words. Or 200 words. Just as long as you're on the same page - then you'll avoid one person delivering short, sharp and shiny vows and the other delivering a short novel!

The Vow Burger!!

(I wish I could take credit for this, but a very clever celebrant friend of mine is the brains behind this one!)

The Bun - Serious, tear jerking words about marrying your favourite human

The Juicy Bits - The teeny little things that this amazing person does every day that you couldn't image your days without. The things that make you smile, laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Your hopes and dreams for the future. And something you promise to keep doing or that you will try to do.

The Bun - A few more words of love, to sum up that you can't believe how lucky you are to be marrying the love of your life right now, and just how much you love them!


In a nutshell, don't overthink it or over complicate it!

This website is also a great starting point!